Child Exploitation

General Indicators:

  • Multiple reports of run-away with no explanation as to whereabouts;
  • Unexplained absences from school for a period of time;
  • Child has new clothes, or accessories with no explanation;
  • Child has money with no explanation as to how they received it;
  • Receiving phone calls from older males;
  • Sexual activity;
  • History of medical-sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Police reports of child located in areas known for prostitution;
  • Age between 11-17 y/o;
  • Journals of child documenting exploitative activity;
  • Sudden change in behavior;
  • Internet activity with computer a constant (Beware of Websites).

Physical Indicators:

  • Injuries from beatings or weapons;
  • Brands or scarring indicating ownership (Tattoos/Pimps names);
  • Indications of drug or alcohol abuse;
  • Emotional instability.

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