Human Trafficking at a Glance

Human Trafficking is the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain or maintain someone in service and the use of a minor for commercial sexual activity.  There are approximately 17,000 victims of human trafficking that enter the United States each year.  In recent years trafficking laws were passed to provide protection and assistance for victims in an effort to combat the problem of trafficking in persons. Forms of Human Trafficking:

  • sexual exploitation
  • labor exploitation
  • servile marriages
  • child sex tourism

Victims of trafficking are men, women or children who may be either U.S. citizens, or immigrants who are documented or undocumented.  They are usually isolated and subjected to physical, emotional and psychological abuse, but an individual need not be beaten or restrained physically to be a victim of human trafficking. Undocumented victims of human trafficking may be eligible for services and an opportunity to stay in the US.  For more information please visit


2 Responses to Human Trafficking at a Glance

  1. Mac Crary says:

    I was tortured as a child, left neuro-traumatized by child torture. When I reported it predators attacked me tortured me and raped my girlfriend.

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